Mankind the parasite

One of Jason's best songs starts out; "Mankind is a parasite the earth caught long ago." I taught Jason that and he gave me credit for it on the liner notes of his recording. This is not an analogy or a simile. Our species fits the definition of the word "parasite", as does the earth "host."

The parasite exists in various densities all over the planet. A major area of infestation is along the eastern seaboard of the US. The parasite is quite densely populated and extremely active there. It proliferates where the planet's main arteries (its rivers) flow into the sea. Look at New York City. At its center is an area devoid of the planet's skin, covered with scabby concrete growths infested with humans. Just one of these growths, the twin trade towers in New York City, spews 36 million gallons of sewerage into the East River every day.