My campsite in Olympia National Park rain forest, between Seattle & Cape Flattery  


The rain forest canopy.  Everything is covered with moss.


Clear cutting on the southern Washington coast.


The largest Spruce tree in the world - note my hat.


Oregon coast


An Oregon beach.


I had to take a picture of my automobile driving through a Redwood, but there are several places in northern California where one can do so.  This doesn't look like the picture I remember in the encyclopedia of a Model 'A' Ford parked in a drive-through Redwood, but it will have to suffice.




This particular Redwood is owned & operated by a man from Leominister, Mass.  Admission is $1.50 and you get a free postcard with it. 









The tree appeared to have a few sprigs of green on it, but was for the most part dead.  The roots were well cemented into the ground, and a close inspection of this picture will show several cables keeping this hollow log upright.




I started out to drive around San Francisco, but only got as far as Fisherman's Warf where I met a musician with his complete street gig (amps, bucket, guitar, mikes and stands) on wheels.  His name was John Arts. He lived on Pleasant Street in Ware, went to high school in Ware, and lived for one year in Warren, Mass.   I tried to get him to set up next to my automobile, but he decided on the corner instead.  He did some Credence Clearwater Revival & plugged my mandolin into his PA.  We made about $30.00  in 4 hours. 



California coast around Big Sur


A lighthouse north of Santa Barbara


Ida Lee who put me up in Los Angeles and got me to a doctor who determined that I had fractured my right foot the day before.  She also fed me and drove me to the airport where I left the morning of June 4th, for Lincoln, Nebraska to attend Pennie's graduation.  I will resume my travels from Los Angeles on June 10th.  Next stop, Austin, Texas.

Ida's granddaughter Lindsay & friend home for summer vacation playing with Ida's hats

Venice, the nicest part of L.A.


Beach north of Venice


Murals in Venice

Thousands of windmills in the Mohave desert.

Rocks in Arizona.

Rough weather coming into Las Cruces, NM.  First, wind & dust, then torrential rains & 60 MPH winds.  The speed limit on I10 was reduced to 15 MPH.  I crossed the San Andres Mountains in second gear at night with a lit hurricane lantern strapped to my spare tire.  I arrived in the beautiful town of Carrizozo, NM at 11 pm and never got a chance to take any photos.
One of Jason's favorite haunts in White Oaks, NM

Cactus in bloom outside Kell Robinson's residence in Madrid, NM

Kell with the owner of the Mine Shaft Saloon where we did a gig for the hat on a Wednesday night.
Madrid (accent on the 'a'), NM.

Interior of an ancient saloon in Madrid.
Rocks  scheduled for removal to widen highway outside of Santa Fe.
A movie set somewhere between Santa Fe, NM & Trinidad, CO.  The set can no longer be used because new houses have been built on the surrounding land.

It was dark, but I took this picture in Cuchara, CO.  Part of the sign lists the elevation as 8,500 feet.
Another of Jason's hideouts outside of Trinidad, CO.

This is the site of the Ludlow massacre.  During a strike in 1911, the National Guard burned a tent city. The strikers had been evicted from their company owned housing.  A number of fleeing miners were shot and a woman & 13 children suffocated in their metal covered bunker when the Guard burned the tent city.

The week before our arrival, vandals of the lowest order had removed and stolen the heads from the man & woman in the granite sculpture.



After gigs in Pueblo & Denver we returned to Trinidad where we mounted new tires I had shipped from the Coker Tire Co. in Chattanooga.

Jason, Shani, and me prior to departure from Trinidad.

This is an abandoned ranch somewhere south of Wichita. 


It was of particular interest because of the working windmill remaining on the property.  Note the goldfish in the water tank.


Couldn't help but put these photos of a Kansas wheat field together.  
Just one sunset.
A prairie fire.
Brother Pete raking hay with his team in Maryland.
Myself with grandchildren Abby and Rebecca & their father Chris.
Proud Grandpa.
Brother Pete & family.
Left to right, Pete Seeger, wife Toshi, grandchild Mariah, myself & Pete's brother Mike.
Pete & family at Toshi's birthday party.
I picked a few songs with Pete & Mike while I was there.
Mariah giving Pete a somewhat sparse spiked hairdo.
The view from Pete's back yard on Beacon Mt.