1/30/78 Monday

Leave for Tenn. 10 AM
Arrive Wartroot 5:00
Bo till 9:00 to bed

1/31/78 Tuesday

Day w Bo & Makela
Ken arrived 3:00
Evening with Ken Bo & Janice

2/1/78 Wednesday

12:00 Leave for Cullwhee
3:00 Arrive Cullowhee – no *
3:30 Called * in Ashville n/a
4:00 Great Smokies rt.107
7:00 Best Western – Charlestown

2/2/78 Thursday

From Charlestown to Fla.
Best Western

2/3/78 Friday

To Cape Kennedy till 11:00
To Disney world 12:00 – 7:00
Tea Cups & Space Mt.
Drove to Bob & Jean’s arrive 2:00 AM
3:00 James Wright – Message to call Chris

2/4/78 Saturday

Breakfast w Jean & Wm. R
12:00 Wm. R to airport – Miami
3:00 Bathing suits w kids
5:00 Returned – message from Chris
5:30 Chris called
6:00 To Miami airport for Chris
Evening w Chris

2/5/78 Sunday

Pack & prepare to leave
2:15 leave for Bahamas w CMW
4:00 Arrive Marsh Harbour
To MOW w Cap’n
First night at Cave Hill
Chris cooked chicken

2/6/78 Monday

Kids to town
Little dinghy w Leander’s motor
Helped Wm. R then F.E. dinghy at Sybil’s
Checked Flying Eagle – battery to Cave Hill
Hello to Betty


2/7/78 Tuesday

6:30 to town
talked to Darwin re: Flying Eagle
talked to Marcel re: slings
Coffee w Lindsey
Chris & Wm. R packed for Trilogy
Trilogy set up & Flying Eagle barged

F.E. dingy aboard FE
3:30 to Betty’s w Chris, Lindsy,
Art Hansen, Wm. R & etc.

2/8/78 Wednesday

Work on Sitting Duck – all day

2/9/78 Thursday

Work on S.D. all day

2/10/78 Friday

Rain on and off all day
Cave Hill w Wm R 10:00 +/- stuck there
Till after noon






2/11/78 Saturday

AM – Transom removed from SD
10:00 Trilogy wiring w Wm R













2:00 Luke rowed to shore, lost
oar, jumped in after it, pulled
boat up on beach, tied it to bush & found girls who sent him back
because he was wet.
3:30 Finished wiring w Wm R & went
to Cave Hill for shower.
6:00 Supper w Chris & kids Becky’s B’day celeb
8:00 Wm R & Andy – Wm R lost boat



2/12/78 Sunday

8:00 CB WmR arrange Chris to Marsh Harb
10:00 Chris to M H w WmR & kids
11:00 To Betty’s
12:20 Chris kids & WmR back
1:00 Work on SD - mast
4:00 Bob Empy stopped – In hurry, will get
book – will be back in 2 days with his boat
Supper w Chris & kids




















































2/13/78 Monday

10:30 Chris w WmR to Marsh Harbor

Discussions w Louis, Emerson, Edwin, guy at
Hardware store re SD
3:00 To hardware store for fir transom 2”,
planking 1” & 1 ½” & 2” brass screws #9
spent $47.25
4:00 Wood to FE w WmR. Transom epoxied
& stern post finished chiseled.
5:30 To Betty’s for Supper w WmR.
8:45 To bed, Trilogy.

Luke pampers incident

2/14/78 Tuesday

7:00 Transom cut & installed
9:00 Kids books arranged
9:30 Kids to Betty’s
12:30 Kids – Lunch
2:30 WmR to Cave Hill for putty -
replaced two ribs w sisters,
plugged transom, waited for WmR
4:30 WmR arrived w out putty
4:30 WmR returned for putty
4:45 Fastened transom
4:45 Kids back – clean up for Betty’s
5:30 To Betty’s for supper
9:00 To Trilogy – homework – log – bed
Fixed Captain’s crapper!

2/15/78 Wednesday

All day SD difficult geometry
little progress – 2 planks
RGW arrived did not see her

2/16/78 Thursday

With kids – wash @ Betty’s
WmR Rotary 11:00 – saw Randolph & Margo
2:30 back to MOW
Work on SD – problems front plank
5:00 to Betty’s w kids – song w Mary & Louisa
6:00 Thrown out by WmR
Supper w kids on Trilogy
7:30 To meet Andy no one else w Betty
Andy had to stay till Mary & Louisa back
9:00 To Trilogy w Andy & Buddy

2/17/78 Friday

9:00 kids to Betty’s
9:30 Discussions w Louis re: plank & spoiler
10:00 To SD plank fitted & finished
11:30 Clean galley of Trilogy
1:00 Back to SD
3:00 To Betty’s for water RGW there
Insulting behavior from RGW.
4:00 Shopping – supper – Sue & family on ferry
6:00 Read Andy’s work & practice instruments till

2/18/78 Saturday

7:00 Conf w Louis & Emerson re: SD
8:00 Back to work on SD
all day – no progress

2/19/78 Sunday Rain

Worked on SD – almost quit – finished 1 plank
4:30 Cocktails w John Wiper
7:00 Supper w WmR, RG, Sue, Sandy & kids
@ Cave Hill

2/20/78 Monday Rain

Fitted last bow plank w Sue!
Made oar for dingy
Cooked lunch for everyone but RGW
Back to work on SD
Practiced instruments w Becky & Sarah
Nice afternoon & evening w kids

2/21/78 Tuesday Rain

Intermittent work on SD and letters
Sarah, Becky & ED to town for lunch
1:30 Girls back w super hamburg for me
Josh, Luke, Sue, Sandy @ Cave Hill for day
Saw Sue AM @ Betty’s
Practiced instruments, wrote
letters supper w girls soup & bread
invitation for drinks but no supper
said no. Karen in today. I will see
her tomorrow.

3:30AM Dingy gone – extremely
high winds rain cleared but
concerned about boats w wind

2/22/78 Wednesday

6:00 Tried CB, broken – worked on CB till
8:30 cable broken raised Edwin’s re: dingy
9:00 Edwin’s returned call – Dingy @ Jeff’s
9:30 Sandy brought dingy w David Albury
w Sue & Sandy.
12:00 Lunch – picnic w kids
12:30 Sit in sun w Bob Empy
1:15 To Trilogy w Mark work on dingy
planking finished
3:00 Clean up & to Cave Hill
3:30 To Barton’s to meet up w Karen,
Sue, Sandy & kids.
5:00 Sandy, Sue & WmR to Betty’s w pipes
7:00 Supper @ Cave Hill
8:00 RGW gone for evening
DW drunk
11:00 To Trilogy w kids
11:30 To Betty’s - 1:00

2/23/78 Thursday Windy & Cold

8:00 To Cave Hill
9:00 Sandy, Sue, WmR & RG to Marsh Harbor
Wash & Kids to school
12:00 Kids back – lunch & more wash
3:00 Wash done – kids & self to town
grocery shopping – hat plat
5:00 To Watson’s – cocktails
7:00 Supper & bed

2/24/78 Friday Wind still blowing

6:30 to work on SD
8:00 Luke to Betty’s for water
9:00 Swam to shore to get Luke
wind to strong for him to row.
9:30 Rowed kids to Betty’s then
to Cave Hill w WmR for wood, water
jugs etc. – more work on SD – Keel
11:00 To town for screws & drill
11:30 Pick up kids
12:00 Lunch on Trilogy
12:30 To town to call Chris
1:30 Back to Trilogy – keel on SD
4:30 To town for water
5:15 Bite Site for supper
6:00 Back to SD
7:00 Clean Trilogy – quiet evening w Kids
9:00 To bed
9:15 Buddy & Andy
What more can you say.

2/25/78 Saturday Nice Day

7:00 Begin caulking SD
9:00 Karen, Sue & kids – Karen & Sue helped w SD
Luke & kids look for tool box top
1:30 RGW here & everyone to town. SD painted
Luke & I look for top – find it 3:00
Dove for tool box top & jelly jar
4:00 Girls to Cave Hill, Luke Josh & I paint
SD & to Betty’s @ 5:00 till
6:00 Supper on Trilogy
7:00 Another coat of paint SD
Wait for Andy for Treasure Cay? Green Turtle?
9:00 Andy & Buddy by – plans changed – apologetic
To bed – motor – noise
1:00AM No water on Trilogy – find some
in teapot. Beautiful moonlit night.
So bright I give SD final coat
of paint – white. She will be
ready to put in the water when
we get up. David Albury came by
twice today, grinned from ear to ear
and cheered at our progress. She
looks good.
2:00AM Bed

















































































2/26/78 Sunday

8:00 Launch SD – to Watson’s w Luke & Josh
9:00 To Wyper’s for A. Hanson’s sail & rudder.
10:00 Back to FE mast & rudder rigged
11:00 Sue arrived alone – angry re: last night
12:00 Leave for Cave Hill w Sue, Luke, Josh
2:45 Give up attempt at Cave Hill
3:00 Back to Trilogy walk w boys & Sue
to Cave Hill
4:00 Arrive Cave Hill demand from RGW
to know what we had done. Dinner
Roast – very nice, pleasant dinner.
10:00? Hassle re: who would stay at Cave
Hill. All kids stay. I will go back
to Trilogy. RGW asks that I wait,
she would like to walk w me a way.
Talks about Sue – then not really Sue but me.
Insults – ‘I’ve been paid’ restrain her when she hits me w
flashlight. Long bitter arguments ensue.
2:30AM Walk back to Trilogy – Log till
3:00AM Pall Mall & bed

2/27/78 Monday

8:00 To Cave Hill – Andy apology
8:30 Greeted by RGW – “she could bite her tongue off”
Told her not to take things so seriously. It
doesn’t really make much difference how I wear
my hair; let’s just try to have some fun.
9:00 To school w Sue & kids – boat won’t run
9:30 To Willard’s for WmR’s motor
12:00 Pick up kids & rig up motor
1:00 To Cave Hill in dingy
Picnic & afternoon on beach.
Missed big grouper, shot flounder.
6:30 Back to Trilogy for supper.
 2/28/78 Tuesday

8:00 With Sue & Karen
9:00 Kids to school
9:30 Work on dingy
12:00 Lunch w all 5 kids & afternoon on Trilogy
Practice w Becky. Becky sails heart.
4:30 To ferry w Sue, RGW & Karen Good party @ Hopetown till 9:00
Met Gail & Buddy – played & talked till
10:30 To bed

 3/1/78 Wednesday

Usual kids to school AM w Sue & Karen
11:30 Lunch @ Bite Site
12:30 To Flying Eagle – bunks & water & floor till
5:00 Sue & Karen in RGW boat
5:30 Sue & Karen adrift – yell for assistance
I get them with dingy.
6:00 Supper & Practice Log & bed
also read Johnathan Livingston Seagull
Sarah read Hobbitt till 10:00
 3/2/78 Thursday

Kids to school
Work on Flying Eagle
1:00 To Hopetown – afternoon w Brook & Karen
Back to Trilogy & ready for dinner @ Dock & Dine @ 6:00
7:30 To Trilogy. RGW boat won’t start. Sue, Karen,
RGW & kids walk to Cave Hill

 3/3/78 Friday

8:00 All in dingy to Cave Hill – high winds
9:00 Sue & kids off to Marsh Harbor & Detroit
9:30 Back to FE with kids in dingy. High
winds, waves sprung bow plank, soaked
stuffed sprung plank w cotton caulking.
11:00 CB set up n FE
1:00 FE on ways – bottom washed
5:00 Hamburgers from Bite Site
6:00 Winds increase – severe thunder storm
7:00 Escape from FE in dingy between
squalls – all wet again – brought
kerosene lantern – worried about dingy sinking between heavy rain
& sprung plank

At Becky’s request we become
more verbose. We have just arrived
at the Trilogy and gotten warm and
dry for the first time all day. The
Trilogy is drained. No more water,
no more lights, batteries dead so
no motor or visa-versa. It would
have run out of fuel soon so
it makes little difference. Tonight
we have lost our support satellite,
the Flying Eagle. She had the water,
the kerosene lantern, & the tools.
We have made a candle in an ashtray
From Becky’s b’day candles. It is about ten
Inches high. The colors from the bottom up
are white, yellow, blue (almost a whole
birthday candle length as is the red
above it) a quarter inch of green
topped with a presently burning (the
light of which I am writing
under now) white sit on top of
this very delicate structure we have
made in honor of Rebecca Lynn
Wright’s birthday, so we will
Record it more poetically at her

 3/4/78 Saturday

7:30 Bail dingy – sunk! – motor & gas tank OK!?!
8:00 To yard – work on FE. One plank
above waterline – left side & left side stern
very bad plank. Couldn’t bring it back
much but fastened it & jammed it w caulk
2:30 Cookies for lunch
3:00 Move from Trilogy
6:00 Betty’s
7:00 Bite Site & first evening on FE
 3/5/78 Sunday

Paint FE
Kids to Church – then sand & washtub
trip to dump
4:00 FE to come off ways?
6:00 No – Mon AM
Quick trip to Cave Hill
7:00 Tongue stew on washtub with

3/6/78 Monday

7:00 FE off ways – tied to dock
Motor full of water – water drained,
filled, drained, filled, started
seems OK
1:00 Capt to sew sail – final supplies – log
from Betty
3:00 Out of MOW harbor – WmR follows
Shake WmR – good sail all the way
To anchorage at Marsh Harbor, 5 tacks
Cheeseburgers for supper & bed after Hobbit.

8:00 Karen came stuff on FE

 3/7/78 Tuesday

7:00 Leak
8:00 Karen & kids to MH Laundromat
I stay at FE w dingy & repair fastener
hole just below water line on starboard
side. Cotton caulking – minor leak.
Worked on pumps.
12:00 Brooke arrives. Lunch picnic
w Karen & kids wash finished
Golden Harvest & back to FE
3:30 Karen to dock. disc. of Hobbit
w kids & Brooke

3/8/78 Wednesday

5:00 To town gas station & bakery
w Brooke
6:00 Meet Karen @ dock w chicken
To FE Brooke’s BD party, Karen’s
Great cake till now which is
7:30 To Conch Inn w Brooke, Karen & Sam
10:00 FE

3/9/78 Thursday Rain

Clean boat – Brooke & Karen for breakfast
Baths – hot! - & laundry
Decks swabbed
12:15 To Brooke’s boat
Read Hobbit
4:00 To town – too late for anything
6:00 Supper & smoke w Brooke & Karen & kids
on FE Spag w chicken – Hobbit & Bed
3/10/78 Friday Rain & high winds

9:00 Long morning in town w Brooke, Karen & kids
12:00 Lunch @ Ambassador – not too good
4:00 FE dragged
Starboard anchor line broken – Port
anchor had dragged till hooked on
mooring near shore. Borrowed anchor
from CYS. Set it.
5:30 to Conch Inn. Brooke & Karen
6:30 Back to FE bob stay sheathed
( Brooke problem – told people @ Conch Inn
that he was on two boats. Has not
introduced me as Pete’s brother. Perhaps
shouldn’t stay with him?
Supper& bed

3/11/78 Saturday Calm – Cold

Clean up
10:00 Coffee w Brooke
Looked for anchor
Supper ready to leave next AM
3/12/78 Sunday Fine day, light breeze

9:00? Leave Marsh Harbor – Beautiful
sail to MOW.
11:30WmR & RG w Martha & Leander in
RG’s boat
12:00Bread from Louisa. Beer from Andy
Stopped at Watson’s (not home) for dingy motor.
4:00 Brooke aground sandy pt. where we
had picnic w RG.
4:30 Turn FE about, go to help Brooke
4:45 FE aground
5:00 Makeshift paddles for dingy row to
Brooke & Karen
Kids Karen Brooke ashore
Hartly & Mary Lowe stopped by Brooke’s boat
Brooke back On to FE & on to harbor
In hook, beans & rice & bed.

2 boats came by today and cheered the Eagle
Washtub fire with beans & coffee
boiling under full sail w
Sarah doing wash on deck, Becky on the
bowsprint watching depth, Luke
at the tiller

3/13/78 Monday Finer day nice breeze

9:00 Out of harbor for Linyard Cay
11:00 Arrive Linyard Cay – dive all
afternoon w Brooke
To Little Harbor bumpity bump
Anchorage & supper & Hobbit
Do not go ashore Dingy motor not working
3/14/78 Tuesday Nice

6:00 Dingy motor – made woodruff key
from brass nut – coil gone worked
10:00 To Pete’s for board.
Sarah & I exhaust ourselves rowing
Randolph there with friends
Randolph gives ? me board
2x6 fir excellent for sculling oar
12:00Back to Eagle after lookat
lighthouse w Luke
Work on oar.
3:00 Trilogy in (unexpected but exoected)
Looks good bottom painted under
power. She had motored down WmR
usual horror show drove around. Motored
to Eagle handed me dingy motor –
carb. shot. They have only 1 dingy
oar – will park close enough
to walk ashore tomorrow.
Brooke to Trilogy (w Karen ?) Brooke
& Martha to Eagle – message (and
short visit) Turn CB on 15 exit
Martha & Brooke in Brooke’s dingy
Continue work on sculling oar & oar
for WmR’s dingy. Arrive Leander
in Brooke’s dingy sans Brooke. Leander
“repairs” motor on dingy. (Transom is
dangerously close to falling off) and gets gas & oil
mixed from me for mime motor which he & WmR
have fixed. I continue work on oars. Get
in dingy for drinks on Trilogy. Start motor
which catches on fire. Scull to Trilogy – difficult
Drink. Return to Eagle choke on full pumping
ball continuously. Collapse after third round
of supper same bowl pinto beans. I
also now have what Sarah calls
a stubbed, re-stubbed, restubbed, stepped
on toe, quite painful & minor.
Pussycat tried to entertain as in the old days and Capt. had the boat in better shape than I
expected, but it strikes me as pathetic. They
can’t help it anymore. It is too late for
them. They are dying.

3/15/78 Wednesday Nice Weather

6:00 Work on dingy
motor. Carb from small motor
on big motor. Easier than coil
from big to little. Finish (not quite)
sculling oar. My dingy is operable by
10:00 Begin WmR’s oar w Sarah.
11:00 To Trilogy w kids under power (transom going)
Becky rowing everyone in by twos w
one oar. I deliver second oar – matches
other one I made almost – (good oars)
Becky continues job. Talk w WmR re:
Chris – Kids have gotten good letter. I’m
in the middle. To shore. RG swam could not get aboard
boat. Production. Also walk to Henrys’
1:00 Back to Trilogy. Lunch quick Trilogy
leaves @ 3:00.
3:00 Diving w kids & Brooke. Crawfish!
4 huge ones. Party after at Pete’s
could have brought crawfish to
party w kids. Gave away instead.

3/16/78 Thursday Nice Day

6:00 up clean crawfish heads for lunch
w coleslaw
Final touches on oar
Luke – ride in sailing dingy Leo – Lyra Montreal
Randolph saw oar – gave me board
I made it from.
Worked on dingy transom – elbows
Supper early – out of gas, someone
left it on – all meals coked in bucket
OK w me. American chop suey
7:00 Pete’s Pub. Instruments & good music w Cam
10:00 To Eagle w Brooke smoke
11:00 Fall asleep w face in journal
3/17/78 Friday Lousy day, wind rain

Got mattresses out from under leaks
Laid around a while.
Anchors slipped (had not set fisherman’s hook)
Struggle w motor – keep it going –
try to set anchors twice unsuccessfully
ourselves. Very crowded harbor & ugly people
on CYS boats. Help from Leo in his
dingy. Leo & I set hooks – don’t hold.
Pete & Brooke & Andre – Patapouf arrive w grapple
& line. She now holds w three
anchors. We have had lunch. She ought
to hold. Going ashore @

3/18/78 Saturday Wind from North – cold

Work on dingy after usual (lazy) AM
w kids on boat.
10:30 Kids to caves w Ro while I work on
dingy transom. Let log slide 3 days
don’t remember – loaf? Cleaned up?
5:00 Supper w Cam & Ro & kids
7:00 Pub – going away party for Jimmy
God music w Pete & Cam – drunk
3/19/78 Sunday Windy

Kids w Cam & Ro all day while I
clean Eagle repair ladder etc. work on bilge pump
Got firewood & box to put it in
so I could wash clothes
Coffee w Leo on Brooke’s boat
Went to visit people from Carolina To Eagle w Brooke, start potatoes.
Bring potatoes to Cam & Ro’s. Ro has
Pea soup. Talk about truck.
(Met Mike – see 4/22)
3/20/78 Monday Wind (from East now)

8:00 Heart attack ? victim on boat needs oxygen
Deb on CB Brooke is going to get boat to
Marsh Harbour Pete takes him.
Pete back Loads up 2 Hatians & other goods
plus Roger for Marsh Harbor.
Then coffee @ Cam & Ro’s
Then wash clothes & assistance to CYS
Then shower at Jim’s (he left today)
Brooke returns w Leo & Andre & no motor &
$50,000 boat & story.
Spaghetti @ Cam & Ro’s (my dinner)
w Brooke, to Eagle to bed

3/21/78 Tuesday Wind

7:00 Cam over to borrow coffee
7:30 Breakfast w kids
Tried to raise Trilogy all morning
9:00 Dressed & to work on governor
To Bight w Leo Sandra Charlie?
& kids – then lunch w Leo & Sandra
4:30 To Cam & Ro’s
Pub – music – Drunken Sailor
3/22/78 Wednesday Cold

General work around.
AM Large wash & rinse w
fresh water
Grinder from Pete.
PM Showers at Jimmy’s
Sleeping bag washed. Supper w Cam & Ro. Fritters
Pub – no music girls arrive
8:00 just as Pub closes & stay til
9:30 w Andre & Pierrette
3/23/78 Thursday Beautiful day

AM – Eagle dismantled.
Shelves put up in aft corners of
cabin & painted complete except
beds & floor – Sarah takes over
when massacre organized @
12:30 Linyard Reef then on to
Bight w Cam & Leo
4:00 Return to Fox with catch 50 – 60? Fish 2 lobsters
5:00 Fillet snappers & groupers for
supper w Cam & Ro.
6:00 to Fox for shark expedition
motor not running – ring gear jammed
Nice mellow evening w Brooke, Pete
Darrel, Andre, Cam, kids – expedition
supplies drunk & smoked.
8:00 Girls arrive again – Tinky & Marty
Tinky gets drunk – Brooke, Cam etc.
Leave – scene ensues. Generator
sparking. I get Tinky home to
ugly old man & spend evening w
Andre, Pierrette, Leo & Sandra aboard
Pattepouf ? (sp) Leo & Sandra want us
to go to Aluthera in AM. Can’t w Eagle
painted & apart. Wind & moon perfect to cross.
3/24/78 Friday Beautiful day sun no wind

Awake w hangover. Slept on Griffin.
Goodbye w Brooke to Leo & Sandy
watch from roof of lighthouse. Work
on bilge pump – battery dead &
automatic not working. Battery to
Pete, second coat on interior of Eagle
11:00 Kids in dingy w minimal supplies to Bight of Old Robinson.
12:00 Found Bag End – made rooms
got sunburn on butt @ beach.
Teneek aground. Go to assist – no
cooking fuel aboard. Want to borrow
our fire. Supper – American chop
suey – Tinky quite subdued & nice
7:30 Old man & older sisters leave
in dingy.
10:00 I take Tinky & Marty back.

3/25/78 Saturday Nice Day

6:00 Rain
7:00 Shower ends, sun rises ans day begins
w 2 brilliant rainbows.
Beach & eggs for breakfast & Bag End
sign carved.
12:00 Brooke & Andre arrive – concerned
We are just leaving.
1:00 Arrive @ Eagle - girls organize
I go ashore for battery lists etc.
4:00 Leave for MOW w mild breeze
over Tilloo Bank on rising tide. Bumpity
bump but not aground.
Anchor & supper in Lubber’s Quarters.
9:00 Bed
1:30 Awake & pull anchor under full
2:00 Aground sand bank Lubber’s – winch
off w anchor – wind gone
3:00 drop sails – motor to Matt Lowe’s Cay &
across to Sandy Cay to Cave Hill
4:30 Motor quits Luke wakes & takes tiller
I set sails. Throttle wire broken. Repair
take sails down,

3/26/78 Easter Sunday Beautiful sunny

5:30 Arrive Cave Hill tied at dock Easter Bunny w RGW (WmR & CYS)
10:00 WmR to Betty’s – Lindsey service
11:00 w kids to town in dingy – kids to church
12:00 Betty, Louisa, Mary & kids to reef
w WmR then Cave Hill kids change
1:00 kids to town for Easter egg hunt.
tow dingy back – to Della’s beach
patch on dingy.
3:00 Pick up kids & Andy w dingy &
clean up at Eagle.
4:00 To Cave Hill for dinner ham & lamb
7:00 Betty & girls back –
8:00 To Eagle & bed
3/27/78 Monday Slightly cold & cloudy

7:00 Eagle stops thumping on bottom
Bilge pump fixed – jammed ?
8:00 To Cave Hill. kids Scottie’s breakfast
in bed for birthday.
9:00 Log till 10:00
Then to Eagle cleaned up mess.
Just finished Tuttles arrive @
12:00 ? I am worried about Eagle
thumping on bottom she will
start it again at 2: o’clock but
we must at least get our things
and say hello to Tuttles. Dishes
gathered & everyone walks to Eagle
Last minute decisions as to who is
going. It is 2:01 & the Eagle
started thumping lightly at 1:30.
She has hit hard a couple f times
before we push off and sticks on
the sand a little as we leave the dock.
We have Tuttle boys & Scottie tell them
to find a place to sit and stay there.
Luke holds engine at idle Sarah points
us into the wind Becky and I set
sails. Short sail & tea between Sandy Cay
Into harbor. Aground – dead low. Put out
fisherman’s hook. Party ashore for lunch at
Bite Site on RGW. I sheath sprint stay – tide up after lunch & bread we leave via
North end of MOW. Follow Donnie
she has trouble. Eagle won’t make it. Have to use
anchor & dingy to turn her in channel. RGW to
rescue. Continue w anchor & dingy no fire drills.
Out sail & motor @ 5:00 Arrive MH 6:15 anchor
Ashore, Conch Inn closed. Andre there. Teneek there
Dinner $54 the works on credit To Eagle to bed

3/28/78 Tuesday

7:30 up & to Conch Inn w laundry to Lois
8:00 Golden Harvest Little Harbour lists
10:30 Cam & Rose arrive
11:30 Finish groceries & to Sea Breezes – anchor
chains – lines – Kellys pump $64
12:30 New Town House – lunch w Cam & Rose. $108
inc last nite
1:30 To Conch Inn Laundry
2:00 To dock w Eagle.
3:00 Pick up Little Harbour orders & groceries
3:30 Under power (no lines for sails) lousy
weather anyhow to MOW. Luke has
held compass headings at tiller there & back
5:00 Arrive MOW. No problems Tide high eat
goodies . Listen to CB. Talk.
8:00 To Cave Hill – showers & another supper.
Fragmented conversation w RG & WmR re:
Jimmie’s wedding & CYS man.
10:00 Luke & Becky asleep @ Cave Hill RG insists.
Sarah & I to Eagle conversation re: CMW
12:00 – 12:45 log. It is difficult to keep up.
P.S. leaks in Eagle & dingy Singing Dinky
3/29/78 Wednesday Overcast w heavy squalls PM
Last minute details sheets – tapes MOW & Cave Hill
WmR wants me to see CSY man. Pay Edwin etc.
3:00 Leave MOW
4:00 Notice bob stay under
5:00 Low tide must go around Tilloo Bank
Seas high bilge slopping turn on pump 6:00 Off Pelican Cays high seas winds 50 – 60?
gusting heavy rain mattresses floating
on floor bilge pump won’t keep up.
I think she is leaking from bob stay in stem.
7:00 Consider running for beach on Linyards. See
light from Chambers. Under sail & motor
run for Little Harbour. Arrive.
7:30 Miss channel by 3 feet pitch black
Aground other side. Kids take over Luke
keeps motor running I finish installing bilge pump
off motor – we are on second battery w
electric pump.
9:00 Off – to Kenyson’s mooring – finish pumping
w Brooke – works fine – clean up & bed

3/30/78 Thursday

More clean up
Decks caulked
Listen to tapes 4 hrs.
Tape to PRW
Rose fishing on Eagle
3/31/78 Friday

P Johnston to MH. (Tries to call PRW w
Brooke all day.) I work on Eagle all AM
!:00 Start supper – Kids have gone w
Andre & Pierrette for a walk.
4:30 Andre et al back supper beans & rice
conch fritters & donuts & honey for
8:00 pick w Cam
4/1/78 Saturday

Serious work on Eagle. Thimbles
chains balls & 7 foot splices anchor lines. New
painter - dingy. Found leak in stem fastening that caused problem Wed.
Supper at Peter & Annita’s.
Square egg maker shown to Cam & Ro


AM repair hole in bow plank & caulk decks
Rest of day with Mike who may continue
sq. egg breakfast (-4/22)

Michael A. Gleeson
(Mailing) P.O. Box 413
Venice, California
1261 Pacific Coast Highway
Santa Monica, California
212-393-6621 Phone

In N.Y.C. stop in at Spring Street Bar
Spring St / West Broadway
ask for Mike

i4/3/78 Monday

Made plans to leave &
painted mast w help of kids
6:00 Pete arrives from Marsh Harbour
A. Nettles here today

Supper w everyone on Eagle
4/4/78 Tuesday Nice

Painted port side
Mike coming on trip north
Debbie gone – Party @ Pete’s
Becky’s pain
Repaired seam in port side dove
over entire bottom w Mike Watsons here w Sawyins

4/5/78 Wednesday Beautiful Day

7:00 Boat cleaned ropes arranged
jib sheets changed
10:00 Leave w Mike
10:15 Cam out to see us – saves oar gets
wet suit
2:15 Approaching Lubber’s ¼
6:30 Anchored in Hopetown after fine
7:30 Dinner at Hopetown Harbour Lodge
very nice good (not excellent) meal
Mike treats

4/6/78 Thursday Fine day w mild wind from SE

Wing & wing to MW – paradise
Shopping – ignition parts Ben $90 L !!
Lunch @ Bite Site – call PRW & mail
Dingy motor repaired – back on dingy
To reef. Meet WmR & RG on way
in from Miami – continue to reef.
Different fish – don’t know exactly
which to shoot. Reef is beautiful
Kids in settlement & @ Eagle – will
bring kids back tomorrow.
7:00 To Betty’s to watch T. Berry’s
slides – continue w Andy & dramatics
w Buddy – laid

4/7/78 Friday Same

8:00 Breakfast @ Cave Hill
11:00 To Eagle
12:00 To Reef w Mike & Kids w dingy
2:00 WmR, RG & Scotty show up on reef.
RG can’t get out of boat she is
afraid she can’t get back in boat WmR hardly can. Scotty cuts
himself on coral. Becky & Luke
not into this too much; we don’t overdo it.
Sarah, Mike & I stay looking for
giant lobster. 4 Trigger fish &
2 Parrot & 1 Surgeon all large 1 small
Grouper. Saw huge one. Sarah
plays w Cuda. WmR nearly as bad
shape as RG. Neither will retrieve it.
3:00 Beer & Cave Hill. Wounds administered to
4:00 To settlement w Mike & Sarah
Parrot fish to Louisa & Mary.
5:00 Fish & Boat cleaned
7:00 To Cave Hill – nice dinner – RG
nervous. gets it under control w
a few drinks.
10:00 To bed

4/8/78 Saturday Another beauty no wind

5:15 Wake up Mike for diving? No!
6:00 Log & opened mail
8:00 Motor parts from Edwin for WmR
& Laundry Cave Hill
Bob E on CB @ Scotland Cay
10:00 Leave for Foot’s Cay
Slow sail. Lost toilet arrived
5:00 Salad & crackers on Eagle wind surf
7:00 Drinks & supper w Meyers
10:00 Bed – Luke asleep on couch
4/9/78 Sunday beauty no wind

Work on dingy w Mike
Livingstons & Levitts @ Foots Cay
4:00? WmR & RG on Trilogy
Dive small islands
Lose motor on way home
At different intervals during past
2 days have been listening to Pete’s
tapes finished 10:pm – pony ------------- 10th

We are pirates on the Eagle w Mike
our tactical leader and myself Captain. Mike
works up scams, sells himself to the
Meyers, the kids work up a “don’t have
a pot to piss in” scam & we leave with
shopping cartons full of vegetables. When
loot is scarce (Little Harbour)
we fish the reefs, cook beans & rice
& live like kings.

4/10/78 Monday Nice
Fuck the log We are Pirates
we don’t have to do anything we don’t want to
Go back one Page

7:00 Retrieve motor & work on it
8:00 Sarah to Meyers
10:00 Meyers to Eagle
11:00 Leave for Treasure Cay

Just listened to the tape I
never got. Here at Treasure Cay with
Flying Eagle – pride of the fleet. Dave
just tells the CSY’ers he’s chartering
for Hatian Charters out of
Port au Prince. Everyone loves
the “Hibachi.” And as always,
I’m having a ball – wish you
were here today, the 10th , and
the rest of these pages.

4/11/78 Tuesday Wind but nice
10:00 To airport w Mike
12:00 Lunch @ bar room
1:00 Called PRW n/a
2:00 Called CMW
4:00 Leave Treasure Cay 4:30 Aground off Sandy Bank Cay
Lost jib halyard and lazy jack
Rough trip into New Plymouth
Allen & Roy – to town – pool & volleyball
4/12/78 Wednesday Nice

Boat organized & b’fast till 10:00
Lunch in New Plymouth and
Whisk w Daniel at bar till 4:00
4:30 Eagle aground and very far over
We row to Eagle just in time to watch
the water running over gunnels. Mast
tied t dock w anchor line. Becky gets
Allen & Roy. Bail till 6:00 she floats
By 9:00 she is upright enough to
run motor & pump – to bed exhausted
everything soaked
4/13/78 Thursday

Did not leave Eagle – all day spent
cleaning below & drying things
4/14/78 Friday
Decks cleaned & things still drying
11:00 Rain – Port deck leaks badly
again – structural problems
Called Chris n/a
Called Pete
Win shifts from Easterly to
Work – Supper at Bethel’s

4/15/78 Saturday
Move Eagle & re anchor
2:00 More cleanup & pump bilge – high
I have two holes to plug in Starboard
stern plus jib & lazy jack to rig.
Found lazy jack pulleys
Should be back to ground 0 by
Temporary patch on stern – did not get up mast.
Kids to movie

4/15/78 Sunday Nice – windy

AM Mast – Lazy jack & Jib halyard
Leave 12:30 for Guana
3:00 Whale Cay Passage – outside
medium seas, wind from
East. Eagle does fine.
6:00 Arrive North end of Guana
Supper & bed

4/17/78 Monday Windy

Mike finds ledges I scull dingy
ashore & cut mast & boom w machete
Capt. on CB. – Treasure Cay?
4/18/78 Tuesday Strong winds from South

Hang around boat – talk to
Foot’s Cay on CB – lost both dinghy’s
2:00 Trilogy arrives under sail.!
3:00 Leave for Treasure Cay using
lazy jack – Lost George
5:00 Arrive Treasure Cay, tie to
Dock, showers & supper w WmR & RG
Then crows Nest w kids. Angie & Liz sail on Eagle
4/19/78 Wednesday High winds

7:30 Coffee @ motel w Mike
Clean Eagle – rugs up ready to sail
10:00 Laundry @ marina
1:30 Leave ahead of Trilogy
Set course of 120 o for MOW
5:00 Just off Cave Hill jib lets go –
eye rips out – can’t sail it w out
jib winds to strong can’t hold her
Drop main sail, start motor
Very slow trip into north end
of MOW harbor on high tide.
Bilge pumped Eagle straightened out
(she has sailed nearly 4 hours
with starboard gunnel under
water and waves breaking over
bow) We have renewed faith in her
Tired to bed after violent
electrical storm in which Edwin’s
mooring slipped & we had to start
motor and set fisherman’s hook

4/20/78 Thursday Sunny

Kids to Cave Hill, Mike & I laze
around MOW. Meet Willy, get
tour of “his” boat.
3:00 To Cave Hill showers supper – nice
Angie & Liz pain – fight all the time
10:00 To Eagle w WmR

4/21/78 Friday Hot Sunny

7:30 To town looking for sail
8:00 Sail shop – no sails
9:00 Call WmR on CB – no sails 10:00 Find sail mast boom & rudder
from Martin Weatherford $135
Rest of day till 11:30 PM work
on dingy – all trim work finished
rudder hardware installed & boat
painted under streetlight by
Betty’s dock. Bed 12:30
4/22/78 Saturday Sunny Hot

6:30 To dingy – it is beautiful
Mike & I inspired – finish dingy
with rope fender and 2 complete
coats of paint – she compares
w other MOW dingys!
Fix Betty’s chairs
afternoon show off & admire dingy
6:00 Salad on Eagle
8:30 Bite Site coffee w Mike & Luke
Then read log till
10:45 Bed

Have opened charge accts @ Harbor
Store & Bite Site & Edwins. It is easier.
Very little variety at Bite Site no one
going overboard.
4/23/78 Sunday Sunny & Windy

Breakfast then
Launch dingy
Sail around harbour
Sail to Della’s beach
Then to Cave Hill
fix WmR’s truck
To Della’s then to reef – did not
dive, too rough, but dingy
did fine – a little too much
keel or too little rudder?
Done back to Della’s 1 Queen Trigger fish
1 red snapper 1 flounder 1 small grouper Cave Hill – drink & shower
Sail w Mike to Eagle – kids walk
Stew from RG for supper
Will fry fish in AM
(Goodnight Pete)

4/24/78 Monday Rain

8:00 CB w WmR
9:00 WmR, RG & Kids to Marsh Harbour
10:00 Fish breakfast w Mike in rain
Major cleaning of Eagle too many
non-essentials – School books in suitcase that
had been wet for a month Sack
of mildewed clothes left over from
first near sinking including my Cordovans &
sport coat. All sent to Cave Hill
Kids come back with new clothes
which shall stay at Cave Hill.
Supper at Bite Site w Mike
Kids @ Cave Hill – still raining
Gail w smoke
10:00 Call PRW – still at work – Karen home
Beth coming 1st

4/25/78 Tuesday

8:00 Lags in deck carriers.
1:00 P cashed $500
2:00 Sail from Vernon $30.00
Hardware store Paid $60.00
Mail – tried to call Chris
Howard Fuchet called WmR.
Sail shop – needle – George raft
3:00 To dump w dingy.
Then fishing – half way to MH
get very large red snapper
and sail out near reef.
6:00 Cave Hill
7:00 To Eagle in dingy
Snapper & bed
4/26/78 Wednesday Strong Winds from East

8:30 Leave MOW for Little Harbour
12:00 Arrive Little Harbour
Lunch – sail dingy w Sarah
Supper w Brooke & Co.
Cam over late – talk about

4/27/78 Thursday Wind (sunny) from East

7:30 To Cam & Ro’s Listen to tapes
till 10:00
11:00 Tide high but too windy to
put Eagle at dock
Work on decks – should be tight now
painted & caulked
4:30 Finish & to shore conf w
Pete Deb Ken & Mike re Eagle
Pete suggests Dave Ralph
6:00 Supper on Eagle w Brooke & Jeff
7:00 Pub
9:00 Cam & Ro’s
10:00 Kids to Eagle & to Brooke’s boat
for candles & goodbye (Leaving
4:00 AM)
11:00 Fall in drink getting into dingy.
Then bed

4/28/78 Friday Wind from north strong Sunny

6:00 Brooke still here
To Cam & Ro’s for tapes till
11:00 Eagle ready to beach w Cam & Sarah
Port bow plank removed – everything
caulked to midship
2:00 Dingy race w Cam & Brooke off
(I did not see him in AM) Randolph’s warning
Work on boat. Plank & Port bow
¼ finished
My beans @ Ro’s – Ro’s Valium

4/29/78 Saturday

5:30 Up & begin work on bottom
stern ¼ - 2 old copper patches
lead caulk & refasten – 2 seams
Cam comes over, we spot paint
above the tide – high tide @1:00
Work on topsides Stbd ¼ - Work
down w tide. (patched area seems
not to have held Major leak low
on Port stern ¼ noticed it when
tide was up) My first underwater lead
patch is holding up fine. Another
refastened caulked & leaded seam
Stbd midship just below actual
waterline. My Marsh Harbour caulk
patch redone w lead. Much
refastening 16 penny nails above,
brass screws below. (I know
Where the weak spts are now)
Port stern & Stbd bow are good & visa v
Low tide around seven PM – do low patch
Remove 3rd old copper patch. Finish paint
& caulk Stbd stern Supper w
Cam & Ro To Eagle 10:00 Log
Randolph’s logs float (warning #2)
11:00 Kids nap till 2:00 AM high tide.

4/30/78 Sunday Windy Shifting clear night

I must begin collecting
Randolph’s logs, anchors, lines etc
to put Eagle on mooring I am getting very
2:00 AM Eagle is off did not moor Tied & sprung across from Fox on
dock. Fenders out anchors reset etc.

6:00 AM Cam & Ro’s rest of tapes till
10:00 Talk w P.J. re Eagle
12:00 Thank Rand & Margo (for warning)
1:00 Departure – PJ problem w Fox
rope around prop
3:30 Stop @ Sandy (Cay) beach – to dock
w dingy Load up w coconuts
Beer & soda from tourists
Back to Eagle. Before leaving
had to unsnag main halyard
4:30 Back to Eagle & on to MOW @
5:00 Sarah @ tiller nice gentle wind from
South – do log
6:00 Arrive MOW shark raggu & potatoes
7:00 WmR arrives - to Cave Hill – cake
9:00 Bed @ Uncle Will’s

5/1/78 Monday Steady wind from South East Sunny

Breakfast & leave for Eagle
9:00 to Marsh Harbour
9:30 PJ on CB – on way to MOW (Edwin’s.
Back to MOW. PJ to Little Harbour & then
to Marsh)
10:30 Arrive Marsh – to airport.
Airport, shopping etc.
11:00 Call Beth – no romance – In love
w Bob.
5:00 Call Karen
8:00 Supper @ Mother Merle’s w Pete, Deb
Ken, Mike, Maurine & friend

5/2/78 Tuesday Sunny Wind from North

10:AM Called PRW, Beth (Back to Eagle for address)
1: 00 Lunch Conch Crawl
5:00 Supper Conch Crawl
6:00 Showers
7:00 Little Harbour movie @ Maurine’s
9:00 Call PRW
5/3/78 Wednesday

9:00 Call Beth
With Deb, Mike’ Pete, Ken, George,
Carol et al
2:00 Call Chris – she will not come
Sail w Rose
Amusement center after darts
at Conch Inn
Music w Andy & Holly & Rose
Eagle w Rose

The rest of Wed & Thurs. spent
hanging around Conch Crawl making
reservations for Tony & trying to
figure out what to do next.

5/4/78 Thursday

2:00 Called Chris
AM Little Harbor leaves

12:00 To airport for immigration
ret tomorrow

Music w Andy after supper till 11:00

Supper Conch Inn – steaks
w Rose – Ferry Dock w Rose
Becky sick

5/5/78 Friday

12:00 Repair bicycles & to airport w Rose & kids
4:00 Played w Andy & Holly

8:00 Spring City w Rose Willy & Ronald
& girl

2:00 Heaven w Rose
6:00 Shower w Rose
5/6/78 Saturday Wind from South Front around

9:00 Lumber @ sea breezes

2:00 Leave for Treasure Cay
8:00 Dance w Rose – 2:00

5/7/78 Sunday Wind from East heavy

8:30 Beat to Bakers
1:00 Arrive Bakers
Dive close ledges w kids & Rose nude
4:00 Back to boats move cook supper
Trigger fish Potato salad & Rose’s
Pizza & cake
1:00 Ed & Rose home after lots of

5/8/78 Monday Wind from South East

7:00 Up – bilge high – Front
still sitting on us – Pump
bilge & CB & log.
8:00 VHF conf. w Louis re. Tony & Andy
11-12 TALKED
12:30 Lunch on Ballerina 4:00 Rube M invitation to supper
in speedboat off Fish Cays
5:30 Arrive at Foot’s Cay after
another successful rescue of
Karen’s chair
5:45 In dingy w Sarah & BJ for
one more shot at Grouper – missed
6:30 Supper – waffles – showers
visit & bed

5/9/78 Tuesday Wind from North

6:00 Leave Foot’s Cay
9:00 Arrive Marsh
Organize & wait – Ballerina and
Vega п – fuel
12:00 Leave for MOW
1:00 Arrive MOW
Ballerina aground – looses anchor
dingy motor broken – fire drill
for them. Vega barged to Eagle
on mooring – no fire drills
To town in dingy. Meet Levins @
3:00 Ride to Cave Hill.
3:30 Back to boats – smoke
4:30 To town w instruments
5:30 Play for Betty – finger bad
6:45 Back to boats supper by
Robin – bed

5/10/ Wednesday

Up – bilge – log etc.
Andy – work on stuffing box (his)
9:00 To Ballerina & Edwin’s in

In town till
11:00 then to Cave Hill w Andy, Robin
& Rose – then to reef & beach
5:00 Crawfish on near heads 7:00 Supper @ Cave Hill – home
w WmR.
10:00 Drunk & stoned & play w Andy
5/11/78 Thursday

Clean up & ready to leave
Omnicillin for lip

Andy Edmiston
Vega П
805 N Collins St.
Plant City, Fla 33566
813-752-2366 (941-686-6422)
11:00 To Little Harbour
2:30 Arrive Little Harbour
Infection on lip – sick in bed
Empy & Hopkins here – Mike has
been in Bimmini w Ken
Sleep rest of day
5/12/78 Friday

8:30 up feeling better – swelling down

5/13/78 Saturday Slivers in ass

5:00 AM w Cam re: Eagle
Eagle sold $1,000 in trade
Rest of day repairing aft deck beam
6:00 Supper w Cam & Rose

5/14/78 Sunday Wind from South
switches to East & North
Kids to pancake party
8:00 Patch on bottom of Eagle – Cam –
& clean till
12:00 Heavy winds, nice sail to MOW
4:00 To Betty’s – hot dogs – key from Eddie
6:00 To Cave Hill in dingy – only have keys
to Uncle Will’s Crab Jungle
8:30 Bite Site & key requested fro
Eddie – won’t give it
10:00 Back to Uncle Will’s showers
soup & bed – found keys @ Will’s

5/15/78 Monday

AM Cave Hill – close – to town in
dingy – things @ Betty’s
12:30 Leave MOW
over side for preserver
sail around
4:00 Arrive Marsh – supper @
Town House
8:00 Pick w Andy & Cam & Bed

5/16/78 Tuesday

Brealfast @ Conch Crawl
10:00 Overboard for Luke –
missed rope swimming
Rest of trip on Vega П
Della’s beach
Reef 3 crawfish & The Grouper
Supper Cave Hill – Conf w
Eddie & Nettles – Can’t
do it @ Uncle Will’s – go
to main house
12:30 Leave for Marsh
2:30 Arrive bed
5/17/78 Wednesday
7:00 Up – breakfast – Conch Crawl
8:00 Pack
10:00 To airport w Cam Rose Andy Robin Rose&
kids Mackey cancelled
11:00 Back to Conch Crawl – swim
lunch & pick till
3:30 Cab to airport
4:30 Leave for Miami w Rbin & kids
Robin Martin
Rt. 2 Box 5
Sugarloaf, Fla. 33044 “305-754-3594
6:00 Fort Lauderdale
7:00 Miami by limo w Robin til
8:00 To Bob’s ham & cheese sandwiches
11:00 Jimmy – Lincoln – Kibby

5/18/78 Thursday

6:00 Up
7:00 leave for Sugarloaf
10:00 breakfast with Robin
picked 12:00 Shopping w Robin bought T-shirts
Daddy 3 pairs pants 1 shirt
Luk 2 pants 3 shirts army clothes
Becky Bathing suit 1 shirt 1 pants
Sarah Bathing suit Gouchous shirt
2:00 Mr. Donut’s
8:00 Robin cooked chicken barley cooked
10:00 to Bed

5/19/78 Friday

Slept late – 9:30 breakfast then leave @
12:30 – thru

5/20/78 Saturday
Still driving

2:00 called PRW – n/a
called Beth K - favor
3:00 – 4:00 Getting Beth’s things Alexandria
6:00 Arrive Hag.

5/21/78 Sunday

w PRW & SCW – cars & business
8:00 To Mass

5/22/78 Monday

3AM – Hartford – out of gas

8:00 Sarah to school & trip
w Beth Pbook etc.
9:00 Called B. Larson
Some calls – straighten up clothes etc.
12:00 Sleep tfill
5:00 Kohns & Brooks
10:00 Bed