Hospital Lumiere
The trip from Port au Prince to Bon Fin
This is actually a market set up on the rubble piled in the median.  People are buying use clothing here.
As we leave Port Au Prince, the markets get a little more upscale.
This market is in the river bed which we forded after Sandy.We passed this lake as we got farther out in the country.
Somewhere around Les Cayes we had to exchange the van we were travelling in for two 4 wheel drive Toyotas.  The youngsters prefer riding on top. Although much of Haiti has been deforested, the area around Bon Fin is somewhat forested.  Hatians believe that departed spirits live in the huge old trees, so they don't cut them down.

As we approached Bon Fin, the scenery became spectacular & we encountered a different kind of traffic.  
Hospital Lumiere
Dentists & hygenists from Rockville, CT spent 2 weeks providing much needed dental care to the local residents.
Some Local Residents
Bon Fin Church
Trail to Hydro Site
        This trail drops 560 feet in a very short distance.  In heavy rains, it becomes a torrential stream bed. 
This man is carrying the repaired turbine runner.  It weighs 86 pounds.  I had trouble carrying it (as baggage) through airports when I brought it home to repair.  This man carried it down the path on his head.  I asked hom how old he was.  He said he was  60.
The path levels out for the last 100 yards or so.
Myself, Lenonce, head of maintenance for Lumiere, & volunteers Duane & Jon in front of the powerhouse with a local youth who followed us down several times.
The original flyball governor on this unit had long since failed. This is Micheal controls frequency by watching a meter while operating the turbine diverter valve.  We call him "the governor".
I tried unsuccessfully to get a photo of this boy's T shirt.  It has an animation of a dolfin on it & says Abaco (Bahamas) beneath it.   
These photos are of the tailrace & river about 80 feet below the powerhouse.
This tree I would guess to be about 130 feet high & is growing by the river below the powerhouse  It has a termite tunnel runningto the very top.
The photos below are of the area beside the powerhouse.  The minerals have built soft stalactites all along the ledge.  The operators put the PVC pipe in to collect drinking water.  They drank the water, but were quite insistant that we didn't.  They said it would make us sick.
Notice the broom made of corn & the home made ladder in the avacado tree. Michael brought me a fresh ripe avacado for lunch every day.
Equipment Repairs
The picture above shows the cavitation damage to the buckets (lower). The upper bucket has been built up with weld & ground to its original configuration.
Hurricane Sandy
This storm dumped 35 inches of rain on Haiti in less than three days with winds around 70 mph.  It took us a couple of days of hard work to get all the power restored.  Lenonce & Duane managed to get it done with improvised clamps & scraps of  wire.
This pig enjoyed a virtual feast with all the bananas, grapefruit & avocados strewn all over the ground at the hospital complex.
This is the river we had to ford to leave Bon Fin. The folks from Rockville commandeered a loader to drag their Toyota & trailer across when the water was much higher.  They made it to Port Au Prince in time to catch their flight to Connecticut where they had the pleasure of experiencing Sandy all over again.  
In closing, I wish to thank the folks from the Apostolic Christian World Relief for their tireless efforts at Lumiere.  They have given selflessly to those less fortunate and most surely represent the best of Christianity.