November 17 - 28, 2002 delivery of yacht Bandera from Newport to St. Thomas.

Captain - Brad Miller

Crew - Amy Baker, Trevor Dean, David Wright

Trevor Cap'n Brad up the mast in Newport

Trevor & Brad at work on deck




Fronts piece - Amy's first day at the helm


Cap'n Brad at the helm


The North Atlantic in November


Amy & Brad in harness


David in harness at helm


Amy at nav station


Just one sunset


Red sails in above mentioned sunset


Amy on graveyard watch.  Warmer weather.


Three geniuses at work.  Problem, out of fuel.


Thanksgiving chicken.


Cap'n dressed for Thanksgiving dinner.


David dressed for dinner.


Arrival, Francis Bay


Container ship, Francis Bay


Bidding Trevor adieu.


Amy with required reading (Moby Dick)


Ancient customs house in Maho Bay.


Bandera (center) in Maho Bay, from mountain resort.


A pretty little red sailed schooner, Maho Bay.


Schooner under way.


Lindy, bartender at Tickles Francis Bay, St. Thomas.  Her home is in Barre, Mass.