Big Squeeze                                                                              2013   
David & Diane
invite you to the 22nd annual

October 11, 12, 13, & 14
The work party will be October 4, 5 & 6
     We comply with state & town bylaws because the big Squeeze is a private party by invitation only. Although not absolutely necessary, it would help if you print this invitation & bring a copy with you.  If you are not on the invitation list, but wish to attend, please write to us describing who you are at  Diane & I look forward to seeing you in October. 
      Arthur Felton gave Felton Field to the town of Barre in memory of his deceased sister Carrie in 1932. The endowment he left to maintain the facility may have been significant in Depression times, but it is woefully lacking today. The Joseph A. Pitisci building pictured above is in dire need of paint, but there are no funds available to purchase the 30 to 50 gallons needed.  We are asking you to bring left over white exterior paint, latex or oil, to the Squeeze.  Partial cans are fine if they are still liquid.  Your local recycling center may have a paint depository.  Hopefully we can get enough to finish the job next summer so that next year I can post photos with a shiney new coat of paint.  Both the Town & the Commissioners would be most appreciative.   
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