Dear Squeezers,

We collected many hundreds of photos this year thanks to the digital era.  I have edited, sized, cropped them & more.  I have tried to format the site so that it will download in a reasonable time on the slowest of connections.  Navigation is simple.  Just click on the highlighted (blue) lettering to open a file.  Use the back button on the upper left hand corner of your screen to return to the previous page.  You can use your arrow keys or your scroll bar to navigate vertically.  Hope you enjoy this reminiscence of the Biggest Squeeze yet.

Love,                                                                                                                                                                   David & Diane











                                                               Kathy found 'em

CIDER PRESS                                     Emmet's favorite    
DI, BONNIE & BOTTLE             Bonnie's favorite

                                                               (God's beverage)

DOGS (censored)                           Family Fun
DOGS (uncensored)                       

Don't let your

 kids or dogs

see this !-}

KIDS WITH LUKE, our host.
KITCHEN     An army of cooks and helpers lead by

                                   Chef Myron

PARACHUTE                        More dogs & kids.
PICKUP STICKS                        From Shawn Roberts

ROPE SWING         Courtesy of Shawn (the lineman).

                      If you were there, you are probably in here.

LOST RING                  Recognize it?  Kathy found it.




TREVOR                          After hours

VEHICLES                                                                                                                       Kurt & Mary's 1931 Plymouth                                         Jack's 1932 Firestone Super Cruiser*                               

Luke's '32 Worthington tractor & John's '71 Triumph in background.

*Restoration by Jack Cloutier